Magnetics Air Coils

SMD Air Coils

Frontier Electronics offers one of the widest selection of Standard SMD Air Wound Coils in the industry. Available in traditional round and square configurations. Square coils provides for a greater surface area allowing for greater inductance values in smaller size and higher frequency ranges. Custom design SMD and Through hole air coils are available through Air Coil Request form.

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Magnetics Transformers


  • Balun Transformers: 50/50 Ω and 75/75 Ω Impedances, Ferrite Core, Low Insertion
  • Inverter Switching Power Transformer, Low Profile, Ideal for Mobile and Portable Electronics
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Magnetics Multilayer Chip Beads

Multilayer Chip Beads

  • High Impedance covers wide frequency ranges
  • Used in high frequency circuits where size is critical.
  • Magnetically shielded allowing for high density applications with no loss of performance due to cross talk
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Magnetics Air Coils Round

Air Coils – Round

Frontier has one of the widest Standard SMD Air Wound Coil offerings in the industry. Our SMD air coils come tape and reeled and facilitate placement by pick and place machines.

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